A Night Between Two Turtles
by temp_anon

   A lone Koopa Troopa stands before a quaint little unassuming home on a hill. The yellow troopa shuffles his green boots in the dirt as they point at each other in a nervous quake. Despite the home’s welcoming warm chimney, dark green moss cradling the brick walls, and the limestone path up to the simple wooden door, the koopa troopa still felt a shiver go through from his beak to his tail and wrinkle his white wife beater and boxers. Still, with a hard gulp and a balling of his fist, the yellow turtle-like creature makes his way up the limestone path and with one last little bit of worry ringing through his mind, presses a blunt claw down on a button by the door and a loud, dull bell rings in the holes on either side of his head. He nips down on his tongue lightly, minding the sharp point of his beak, as a green turtle soon opens the door with a warm smile and a brief hug.

   A few silent moments pass as the two turtles gaze at each other. The yellow troopa shyly looks away while rubbing the top of his boot against the back of his knee, then a spark flashes behind the troopa’s eyes as remembers his manners. Without a word, the koopa troopa hooks a finger under each of his boots and slips them off to reveal a pair of plain white socks that stretch where his claws meet the fabric. Once his dirty shoes are discarded, the yellow troopa gives a sigh of relief knowing he won’t get mud all over the other turtle’s house. The other turtle simply chuckles at his smaller friend’s nervous antics, and then takes him by the shoulder into his home.

   As the two turtles enter the house, the koopa timidly gazes around the decor of the house to avoid the gaze of his taller companion. The turtles’ socks slide across a polished wood grain floor and the koopa notes how well it gives a partial reflection of a deep sea green bookcase. The yellow turtle’s eyes slowly scan along the bookshelf, catching titles of almanacs, travel guides, magic manuals, and histories of gone cultures before a gentle tug on his side snaps his view another direction. The koopa troopa smiles on reflex and bats his sea blue eyes up at his older green friend, realizing the time spent so far wasn’t going as bad as he imagined.

   “Um…” The koopa troopa rolls a hard knot down his throat. “…thanks for ah, letting me stay over for ah, tonight Ket.”

   Ket just smiled down towards the smaller turtle and tightened the grip around his shoulder a bit. “Heheh, it’s my pleasure George.” The taller turtle continues as they pass by a clean but barely used breakfast nook of a kitchen. “It’s just nice to finally see you in person.”

   A few quick wags of their stubby tails pleasantly undertone the brief exchange between the turtles as they pass by a few plain stools arranged straight in front of a white marble counter top that shimmers in the florescent lighting. While Ket’s emerald tail slows to a crawl, George’s only picks up in speed as they make their way to a white wood door with only the most basic rectangular indented molding, and then the koopa troopa’s tail almost reaches a blurring speed as Ket slowly swings the door to his shared bedroom open.

   George’s sea-colored eyes get a brief glimpse of the plain looking bedroom before Ket’s larger body rounds about the koopa troopa. The yellow turtle’s eyes gaze up for a moment to catch the bottom of his companion’s beak and a hint of a slowly turning fan above him, and then stare forward into his companion’s once Ket kneels down to meet the koopa troopa beak to beak. A bright red blush spreads on the koopa’s cheeks as his attention is taken by the shimmer of Ket’s red eyes and large oval pupils.

   “Ah, K-ket.” George says as his eyes waver a bit to search for something to talk about. “C-can we get ready?”

   Ket simply taps his beak up against the smaller turtle’s before starting to speak. “Heheh, sure, just raise those feet up Georgie.”

   The younger yellow turtle smiles softly at the request, and then complies by lifting his foot up into the air as his toes wriggle around under the white fabric. One of Ket’s large green hands hold up the ball of the other turtle’s foot, while the other pinches the tip of fabric above the right-most toe. George rolls the bottom of his wife-beater over his hands as Ket begins to pull the sock off with a smooth tug. The yellow troopa’s golden scales on the sole of his foot come into view as the sock dangles in the older green turtle’s fingers. Quickly, Ket brings his beak and nostrils in and presses them down against the middle of George’s foot, then takes a deep whiff of a mellow turtle’s musk and old ashy smoke from working near King Bowser all day. George gulps down and returns the smile that spreads over Ket’s face while the older turtle sets down his bare foot and gives the younger turtle’s remaining foot the same adoring treatment. After a few moments of lingering, the green turtle sets the other foot down, and then quietly presents his own socked foot to the yellow troopa.

   A bit of white fabric tickles under George’s beak and makes a smile and a blush spread on the younger turtle’s puffy cheeks. A hard ball of fabric presses into the koopa’s potbelly then Ket’s thick toes tap slowly along under George’s beak. With only a brief pause, the little troopa snaps down on the tip of sock sticking from the toes and starts to tug back with a grunt of effort and a hot burst of air from his nostrils. The fabric stretches back and slowly starts to give up a few inches of green flesh before revealing the ankle. George’s bare feet dig into the carpet below as his head twists right and left in an effort to get more of the larger turtle’s sock off despite being a foot shorter. After the younger turtle grasps the outstretched fabric with both hands and tugs, the sock finally slips off completely to reveal a thick forest green foot with three equally thick toes and a lime green shade of skin underfoot. The loose sock drips out some sweat as it hangs in his fingertips.

   A few stray wiggles of those rounded toes make the yellow troopa pause for a moment and run his thin tongue along the edges of his rounded beak. Then, with a glisten of saliva on his bright yellow beak, George quietly slips off the other sock with trembling hands while his eyes focus on the older turtle’s already exposed toes. Ket eyes down at the entranced troopa with a curious smile on his face, unsure how to deal with how eager the younger turtle is until his ruby eyes brightened suddenly. With his expression swaying from curiosity to eagerness, the green turtle balances himself on one large foot while the other cups George’s face and a toe hooks behind his cheek. Quickly, the toes are dragged along the koopa’s cheek and leave a faint tingling trail underneath the yellow skin. Ket backs away with his arm raised, and then slowly bends his finger towards him in a come closer motion. With a hand on his yellow cheek and a rub where the toe lingered across his scales, George follows on gentle tiptoes until his chest is inches away from Ket’s. The green turtle slowly hooks a few thick fingers under the koopa’s wife-beater and tugs away the white fabric to reveal a yellow potbelly with splotch amber birthmark on the side. George slowly rolls up Ket’s black shirt until his arms stop just shy of his neck. The young turtle hops up with a grunt of effort and the older turtle laughs softly, then helps out and takes off his shirt the whole way. A smile appears on Ket’s face after the shirt whisks over his head and flutters down to the ground, then a quick bat of his head to the right beckons the smaller turtle to join him in bed.

   The older turtle leans back onto his deep blue bed with a creak from the wooden frame and steel springs. The smaller turtle follows, and then hefts himself up the bed with a soft grunt of effort from climbing half his height. Now up and over, George finds a thick forearm wraps around his back, and then gets pulled in close to his fellow turtle until he’s resting on top of the larger lover. Now with yellow belly against green bellybutton, George slides himself up Ket’s larger body and rubs their chubby bellies together until his beak hovers over Ket’s. With a warm smile on his face, then a look back, the little troopa starts to flick his pointed toes around until they brush up against a soft bit of red fabric underneath them. A few claws hook under the waistband and stretch it out over a bulging tent in Ket’s underwear, then the band snaps down on the turtle’s thighs as his toes let the waistband go. George’s toes quickly tap along Ket’s thighs as they make their way to the shaft bobbing around in the cool air conditioning.

   George’s thick yellow toes sandwich a stiffening green penis between them, while the free toe prods gently against the area where the base and balls meet. The younger turtle looks back to Ket to gauge his reaction to find a turtle with a bright blush on his green cheeks and a tongue dangling from the side of his beak, then smiles back at him as he starts to position his other foot. The troopa’s other foot presses firmly against the side of the one already at work, then slides back a bit so that the ball and sole of yellow scales rub up against the pulsing green shaft. Ket’s eyes droop to a half-lid and warm George with the passion they show from the red irises. With a brisk tail wag and a slight shifting of his butt, the little troopa starts to wiggle his feet around the hot shaft again.

   The left foot reaches down a bit and the toes curve under the tight green sack to make the claws press very lightly into the soft skin. With a slight lean back of his upper body, George’s butt and tail reach up into the air and stretch the back of his white boxers against the curve of his butt. The motion allows his right foot enough freedom to curve the sole around some of the shaft, so that the shaft gets a feel of the folds on his scaly curled up sole. A drop of precum seeps down from George’s dangling lil’ troopa and darkens the front of his boxer shorts while the koopa’s feet continue to work at the shaft behind him. A small stretch of the younger turtle’s left leg brings his underfoot to cup under a green sack and roll the testicles nestled inside against his thick wiggling yellow toes. The right foot trails a claw gently up the shaft while the sole rubs up along until it cradles the precum soaked head for a moment. Then with a quick flick up, a yellow toe nestles underneath the wet foreskin and makes short wiggles around, careful not to dig a claw in too deep. A short lick under his beak brings George’s attention back to Ket. A warm smile and greenish blush greet the koopa troopa as the green turtle’s tongue gets a shiny coat of saliva all over the yellow beak. While the tongue slips and slicks, Ket’s hand sneaks along his belly and makes its way over to the tent jutting out from in between George’s thighs.

   A few thick round fingertips meet with sticky clear goo on the tip of the tent. With a quick tug of his waistband downward, a bit of koopa precum spills into Ket’s bellybutton while the hand reaches up with a sticky coating on the tips and clasp around the little leaking troopa hovering over the belly. A stifled koop sound comes from the owner as the younger turtle seizes up and his feet flick against the five inches they’re cradling. George steadies himself by gripping a handful of green chest and perked nipples as a blush spreads on his round cheeks and a fresh spurt of precum lands to warm the skin below. With the flick of his toes against the head and the left foot’s ball against the sack, George’s feet also get a healthy shot of precum on them to make them glisten in the dim amber light of the bedroom. The young koopa troopa leans forward suddenly as a pant brushes against his hard beak. The two turtles tap their beaks together as their bellies warm up against each other with a pit of warmth ready to burst out.

   George shuts his eyes tight as Ket looks on with an understanding smile and gives a firm tug. His rosewood eyes and dark olive skin begin to tremble and crawl as pressure builds in his groin. For the younger turtle, the lemon skin on his belly shivers from his own pent up orgasm being tugged along by Ket’s large hand on his lil troopa. George’s orgasm comes first with the young koopa troopa’s hands shuddering strongly against Ket’s chest and digging their claws lightly into the flesh. A soft koopa cry reverberates through George’s beak and into Ket’s as the young turtle lets off a shot of steaming cum onto the older turtle’s belly. A loud splat sound underscores the cry of pleasure as the koopa troopa feels his balls expel shot after shot of cum onto his larger lover and his meaty hands. A twitching sensation spasms through his legs, forcing his feet together around the green shaft behind him with a hard press around it from his soles. A guttural cry grumbles out of Ket as the firm pressings on his cock coax his own orgasm out. The pink glans suddenly flares up into a red-pink as white goo gushes out and arcs high into the air and warm light above his smaller partner, then come back down with a hot splatter and splash blotches of sticky white all over the yellow turtle’s curved-in back, pert tail, jiggling butt cheeks, and twitching clawed feet.

   The younger turtle tires out first and collapses down onto the green turtle with a wet slap of his round belly onto the pudgy cum covered stomach below. George’s arms slide over Ket’s chest and drape themselves over his shoulders while his sticky feet slide down the green turtle’s legs and leave a shiny trail behind them. The young troopa’s tail slowly wags as he gets comfortable laying on top of the other turtle, then suddenly stops as the older one shifts himself on his side and makes the troopa slide off his sweat-slicked body and leaves a thin line of cum connecting their bellies. The koopa lets out a curious sound of surprise as the bed springs creak under him, then smiles up at the green turtle as his large forearms wrap around him in a close embrace. Ket nuzzles his beak against the top of George’s head as his eyes start to droop closed, tired from the sex, while the younger turtle drifts off to sleep himself with a firm forearm acting as his pillow for the night.