tderek99 commish WIP: Ket and Brask comic inking

tderek99 commish WIP: Ket and Brask comic inking

I'm not going to post the pages on my site, but you can see further progress on tderek99's Ket & Brask comic at FA:
<a href="">pg1</a>, <a href="">pg2</a>, <a href="">pg3</a>, <a href="">pg4</a>
As you can see, he's in the process of inking the comic. Brask sure needs a lot of it!

<ins datetime="2011-04-19T23:47:39+00:00">UPDATE: These are currently offline. You can <a href="">see the finished comic</a>, or contact me for the WIP versions.</ins>


temp_anon (2010-01-31 04:25:12):
Mmm, this is coming out nicely. Ket and Brask look kinda chubby to boot, not a minus at all~

Ket-Ralus (2010-01-31 08:14:29):
Yeah, it's a very good comic. I don't like to rush people (especially since I'm known to take my own sweet time on projects), but I really hope he can finish it soon. I'd also like to get the original pages from him sometime. =}

BlueVmon (2010-01-31 09:19:19):
That's ... Going to waste a lot of ink. XD; Very nice though.

Ket-Ralus (2010-01-31 11:25:45):
It's ink for a good cause! Just wait 'til it's finished. ;}