practice on indefinite hiatus

practice on indefinite hiatus

I can't currently commit to the practice schedule I proposed two months ago. At first I was just being lazy, but now I simply don't have the time. My interests as of late are concentrated in gaming, music, and similar activities. I'll still keep drawing, but I'm going to focus solely on completing "major projects" so I have more time for other things. You should expect to see a few more commissions drawn by others posted here before the end of the year. Anything else is up in the air. No more empty promises from me! *fingers crossed*


BlueVmon (2009-11-02 05:49:35):
I'm sad to hear that in a way, it's really great always seeing you practice. I do hope after a while things'll cool down and you'll get more time to yourself to keep it up!

Hopefully you'll be working on some complicated projects in the coming month which I can't wait to see as always! Keep up the good work Kinny!~

Ket-Ralus (2009-11-02 06:49:19):
Thank you. I shall try. I really would like to work on more pictures, but I'll have to find time for this.

temp_anon (2009-11-03 06:14:06):
Hey, you got your priorities straight, that's far more crucial than practicing for your betterment and our enjoyment. Get your other stuff all sorted out and I'll be waiting patiently for your eventual return, no rush ot anything.

Ket-Ralus (2009-11-03 06:40:03):
You sound like a true gentleman. ;} I'll be back at some point. I can't stay away from drawing forever. Anyway, thanks.