autumn intermission

autumn intermission

Going to have to kick myself in the balls for going so long without an update. Sure, a lot of gaming and other things were happening during this extended Thanksgiving weekend, but it's still inexcusable.


I've been working on some pictures, but I still want to do a little more to them before I post them here. Yes, I know that defeats the purpose of posting unfinished stuff, but they've still got miles to go before completion, and what I want is feet in comparison. Most definitely expect me to post something on or before Friday. I take end-of-the-month deadlines seriously.

In other news, I posted some new links to some great Japanese artists on my <a href="">Links</a> page. Check out their work, if you haven't already seen it.


BlueVmon (2007-11-27 21:12:53):
Stop Playing Mario and get some damn art out you qu33r. XD

Ket-Ralus (2007-11-28 05:47:25):
Hey, that's "MR GAY" to you! (not "qu33r")

Of course I also wasn't in much of a mood for porn last week. At least not <i>my</i> porn. But I think I'm good to go now.