Threaded comments testing

Threaded comments testing

Help me test it out! »

I just implemented threaded (nested) comments.


Help me test it out by commenting below!


Ket-Ralus (2009-12-31 12:43:37):
This is a comment.

Ket-Ralus (2009-12-31 12:44:01):
This is a reply to a comment.

I've edited this later to add an extra line.

Ket-Ralus (2009-12-31 12:44:39):
This is a reply to a reply to a comment.

Ket-Ralus (2009-12-31 12:45:10):
This is a reply to the original comment, in the future!

Ket-Ralus (2009-12-31 12:55:12):
This is another standalone, oldskool comment.

Taley (2009-12-31 18:36:12):
I love Met porn

Ket-Ralus (2009-12-31 20:06:32):
I <i>fucking</i> <b>concur</b>.

Manalive (2010-01-01 17:23:15):
Love your work, Ket.
When can we expect more?

Ket-Ralus (2010-01-01 23:17:42):
Thank you! =}

The latest you can expect more is early February. It will be right after FurCon, and I'm sure to have drawn something. The soonest you can expect more... well, it depends when I feel like drawing. Honestly, since I've been doing so much on my site lately, I may want to take a break, but I don't know how long that will last.

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