Drawing Info:

- Basic Lakitu but with some differences:
- - Blue skin
- - Purple shell
- - Red headband
- - Lilac purple mohawk hair
- - 4 toes on each foot
- - Nipples are darker blue
- - Penis shaft is darker blue
- Penis head (tip) is still pink
- Tongue is still pink

Ripsin the Lakitu by Redemption3445:

Ripsin the Lakitu (ignore the hat):

Lakitu Anatomy Ref (drawn by Nazuu-m0nster):

Mohawk Hair Shape Ref (should be lilac purple):



Additional Info:

I’m usually a shy, quiet, awkward kinda person.
A bit anti social too sometimes. Which could also fit a Lakitu as sometimes they annoy a player riding high and stuff lol
Can warm up to a sassy, sarcastic personality

Normal Lakitu size and weight, but has blue skin (scales) and a purple shell
While I also like the hat that kinda shaded along with everything else, I think I’d like a headband or something instead?
Maybe his glasses could be star like shape around the eye lens? (Regular Lakitu glasses/goggles would work just fine)
Rides a darker colored lightning cloud.
I’d like my Lakitu to be an accomplished, flexible dancer too!

Penis would likely be a bit of a darker shade of blue along the length, and along the tip be pink
Ripsin's nipples are a darker shade of blue like the shaft/foreskin of his penis. The tongue is just normal pink.
4 toes per foot and has a small tail like Nazuu's original Lakitu

One of my fav’s in sex is frotting
Also another thing to note is that Ripsin would likely go into both positions. As long as his partner enjoyed as he did. And also would love affectionate kisses every so often too

Personality - Ripsin is an anti social Lakitu. A loner of sorts. Naturally, likes to be alone most of the time. Even tho deep down, he wants some kind of affectionate attention from someone. Preferably from another Lakitu, Koopa, or most of what King Bowser’s army consists of turtles! He likes to act alone a lot of the time, and naturally has trouble asking for help from others, even tho he deeply wishes them to help. After a bit of time passes when someone bothers to get to know the blue skinned Lakitu, Ripsin will naturally come out of his shell and bring out a bit more of a colourful personality, along with a bit of confusing sarcasm.

Style/Body - Ripsin naturally striking a unique blue shade of skin throughout his body. Along with red headband to go with his lilac purple streak Mohawk like hair (kinda like Lakilester), his purple shell, and with darker shade of blue shoes, Ripsin rocks a rather unique style on the outside, and never fails to stand out with the other Lakitu’s

Sorry, it’s a bit of a colour overload maybe? But, even tho his quiet and reserved, he likes to dress himself his own style, and kinda standout in his own way

Oh, speaking of “brother” Ripsin would also have the tendency to casually say that to other turtles his close with

Art & Character Preferences:
- Nazuu-m0nster is his fav Lakitu artist (fav pic is original Lakitu)
- possible other favorite pic is Brainsister's Lakitu Orgy
- seems to really like Lakilester
- likes Braskling
- loves the UTX/Famfrit Braskling/Lakitu pic
- likes my ket braskling valentine 2012