Old Category Info

Old Category Info

Art_Method: Where I talk about what I do to achieve my results.

Explicit_Art: Gay homo sex, porn, smut, hentai, erotica, adult art, yiffy, xxx, nude/nudity, koopas, turtles, scaley, furry, cocks, dicks, penises, foot/feet.
Yes, that is a real sentence. Use your imagination.

Explicit_Edits: When I have an undying urge to slap a wang on an innocent picture.

Finished_Clean_Art: You mean I actually FINISHED clean art?

Finished_Explicit_Art: EXPLICIT CONTENT ONLY (This is all my doing.)

Practice_Clean_Art: The content may be clean, but the drawing quality probably isn't.

Practice_Explicit_Art: Kinda like how I play InkLink.

Talk: I'd like to say a few words before we begin pawing.

Unfinished_Clean_Art: The reason this is unfinished is clearly the lack of penis.

Unfinished_Explicit_Art: The bulk of my journal. I draw when I'm horny, so most often I finish before my picture does.