Name Change

Name Change

I'm now <strong>Ket Ralus</strong>. Read more for the details.
I've gone by the Kinmotsu7 name for about 7 years. More if you count the beginning as when I created the name, less if you count the beginning as when I started posting porn. It served me well enough for the time I used it, but now it's time to shift upwards.

My new name is <strong>Ket Ralus</strong>, the same as my turtle-inspired character. This will create less confusion for people associating me with my "fursona". This new name is easier to pronounce, and since it has two parts, it can easily be shortened down to <strong>Ket</strong>. Most importantly, it give me a name that doesn't have a fucking number in it.

I'm not going to drop Kinmotsu7 entirely; at least not right now. But I will gradually be using Ket Ralus more and more as the year goes on.

Important stuff:
<a href=""></a> is active and it currently points to -- I will be changing it around sometime later.
New contact info; see my <a href="">contact page</a>.

And now for something nerdy:
Kinmotsu7 shortens to K7.
K7 -> K& (if you hold shift while typing "K7").
K& -> Ket ("et" is the Latin word that formed the symbol "&").

<strong>The More You Know ~*</strong>