Here's a list of sites I use to get my porn fix. These days, I rely almost exclusively on the few up top. I've cleaned up this list so that it's boiled down to only the most trusty sources.

Favorite/Bookmarked Art

- R34, *pixiv, *FA, *IB

Various Artists

- rule #34 (paheal) - If it exists there IS porn of it -- also: Super Mario Bros.
- *Fur Affinity -- also: Watched Users
- *pixiv -- also: Bookmarked Users
- *Inkbunny -- also: Watched Users
- *y!Gallery (Yaoi Gallery)
- E-Hentai Galleries
- e621
- fchan
- Rule 34 (.xxx) [alt] (has a lot of stuff on paheal's DNP)
- Xbooru (ditto)
- Furry Bara

*You must log in and configure the proper settings in order to see adult art (porn).

Individual Artists

- Argon Vile @ VCL & Guppy's (log in required)
- NaniMoose's Smut Emporium
- Mouseboy Cartoons // (old link)