Ket Ralus

Ket Ralus

Ket's my 'sona!

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General Info

Ket is my persona; my avatar if you will. He is the character I created to represent my personal goals and desires. The name of his species is tortavi (scientific name: achelthym). While the design is turtle-inspired, this species is warm-blooded and has many mammalian features. Ket is an explorer/adventurer with some dabbling in alchemy. He is 25 years old.

Physical Attributes

- height: 3'3" (99cm)
- green
- mix of turtle and human features
- no shell

- red irises
- short, round beak
- tiny "hole" ears

- forearms get larger towards hands
- three fingers + one thumb on each hand

- small nipples
- navel

- human-like penis w/ foreskin (thick; 5" erect)
- external balls
- short tail

- lower legs get much larger towards feet (bell bottom style)
- three big round toes on each foot

Additional Notes

Age: 25 years
Species: tortavi (previously Achelthym)
Occupation: explorer/adventurer, with some alchemy
Japanese Name Translation: ケット・ラーラッス


Around 2003, I decided to create a character to represent myself. I enjoyed the design of Koopas and thought a turtle-based character would be appropriate for my personality. The name "Ket" came from the acronym for "Kinmotsu's Erotic Turtle". Despite my influences, I've always aimed for a unique design. While Ket simply resembled a Koopa Troopa at his inception, his design has evolved over the years. In 2009, I finally took the time to engineer a comprehensive design with which I was comfortable; a happy medium of various influences and original ideas. A finished version of this currently serves as the official reference.