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Welcome to the Wiki Index a.k.a. Help Page!

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My gallery is currently powered the Shimmie imageboard software. I previously used WordPress, Coppermine, and hand-coded stuff (going back to the earliest incarnation). Because of this, you may notice superfluous tags, duplicate comments, and an excess of HTML. I will be cleaning these things up as time goes on.

If you ever posted a comment on the WordPress journal, you have an account set up here already. E-mail me to let me know you want access, and I will give you log in information. After you get the info, you can access your profile page to change your password and update your e-mail address.

This gallery started off as "Ket's Reference Repository", and still serves this purpose. I have implemented some custom code into Shimmie which allows me to easily segregate the "art" from the "ref" (reference) content. By default, searches will only search the "art" (i.e. the stuff previously found on my journal). You can toggle between "art", "ref", or "every" (everything) as needed. This all can be accessed from the "Navigation" pane on the left side of the website. If you don't see the search box or the toggle options (such as right now, because we are on the "wiki" side of the site), simply click the "Index" link in the Navigation section and try again.

Speaking of which, you can use the search box there to search for images with specific characters or artists. If the name has spaces in it, use underscores instead. To search for work by a specific artist, add "_(artist)" to the end. If you're not getting the desired results, try alternate spellings, or try a different method.

You can also search for art by the month and/or year I originally published it. This is done by searching for a 2-digit number or a 4-digit number, respectively. To search for a specific month in a specific year, separate the two by a space. For example, to search for all pictures posted in April 2007, you would search for "04 2007" (without quotes). The two numbers can be listed in any order. You can filter the results further by adding another space and the term you want to search for, as shown in this example: "04 2007 Piranha_Plant".

Just as before, my art is categorized. In the "Navigation" pane on the left side of the website, there is a "Categories" section (again, click "Index" if you don't see it) with different categories to choose from. Every image will always have exactly one category associated with it. You can also access the "Tag List" here. However, keep in mind that it also lists every tag from my references.

If you would like updates via Discord or E-mail, see this page.

For further help operating the site, see the Shimmie extension documentation.