Commissions Closed and More News

Commissions Closed and More News

Commissions are currently closed. If you previously contacted me with any mention of wanting a commission, you're probably on my list. I'm going to work through my current list before opening up again. Judging by the speed of my current progress, that should only take about five years. ;}


I've been pretty busy lately. I just moved to a new house and my work schedule is slightly different. After I settle in, things should get back on track. However, I should mention that I see myself spending less time drawing in the future.

The biggest reason for this is that I'm seriously considering a major shift into 3D art. My drawings tend to evolve like sculptures, rather than like the way most people work, so I might as well sculpt instead. I've played around with ZBrush in the past, not <a href="">once</a>, but <a href="">twice</a>. However, these were merely exercises of my learning. I never even got into texturing, lighting, posing, or animation. But if I can create decent models like these with only a little bit of learning over a couple months, I think I could create some truly professional looking models with several years of practice. At the very least, I could use my own custom models to pose for 2D digital illustrations, thus making the drawing quality significantly higher than usual.

Another big reason is that I'm trying to break into music composition. I'm a huge VGM <span class="explanation">(Video Game Music)</span> fan, and I've been thinking about creating music for about ten years now. I'm finally getting serious about it, but this will require a lot of extra time. As much as I like drawing porn, I've been doing it for over seven years. It's time I gave music its due.

I'll still be drawing though. Aside from the commissions I need to work on, I also want to finish some projects that I feel deserve completion. Furthermore, I'll always draw when the mood strikes me, or if I have an idea I just have to get out onto the canvas. Expect to see me post several things this year. I have much planned.

As always, <a href="">contact me</a> if you have any questions. Take care, everyone! =}


temp_anon (2010-04-09 09:46:28):
Well, I can't say I'm terribly thrilled with the idea of shifting to 3D art. Rendered images, well, they are heavily criticized as far as eroticism goes. Although I suppose you're gunning for much more than simple pornography someday.

Ket-Ralus (2010-04-09 10:53:25):
I can totally understand your dismay, given that 95% of the 3D porn floating around the net is garbage, and even the really good stuff can lack style and fluidity. My goal is to use 3D in new ways that keep the quality on par with 2D art. Either I'll have professional-grade models and posing in any porn renders, or simply use my models as guides for 2D drawings. I may even use some cel-shaded model renders with processing and painting in Photoshop to create a look that blurs the line between 2D and 3D. As you can guess, I'm quite a big critic of 3D myself, so I'm not going to settle for anything that isn't excellent.

And as for other applications for 3D, that's definitely correct! I'll announce more when something concrete begins to form.