Commission Info

Commission Info



All the info below is no longer applicable.


### Colored Sketches @
* $35 per simple character
* $52 per complex character

### Simple char examples:

### Complex char examples:

### 1-3 characters per pic
* Most of these examples are 1 char each, but you can have up to 3 characters in a picture.

### Very simple background
* I can add some very simple background elements/props, but nothing more complex than what you see in these examples.

Contact Info
* E-mail Address: mail AT ket-ralus DOT com
* I also check Skype, FA notes, IB messages, and comments on my website, but email's best.

1. You tell me what you want.
2. I give you a price.
3. You agree to the price, and give me your PayPal email.
4. I send you a PayPal invoice.
5. You pay the invoice.
6. I confirm, and start working on your commish.
7. I send you a WIP.
8. You give me feedback.
9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 until we are both satisfied.
10. I send you the finished, lossless image.
11. You may post it, share it with your mates... do whatever you want with it.
12. I do the same. =}

Other Notes
* I will draw my OCs at discount cost, if you want 'em. ;}
* I work slowly. Please have patience with this turtle. "|}
* Have questions? Want me to stream my work? Wish to change some part of the process? I'm flexible. Let's talk!