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This is a list of characters that I find most appealing and/or had a role in creating.

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Main Characters

These are the characters with which I have a deep connection. Their descriptions are based around a future story of which they are protagonists.

Ket Ralus --- Brask Vovik --- "Fate" --- Leota

Other Favorite Characters (Not Mine)

Lakitu --- Zool

Fan Characters

- Lakileo

Collab Characters

These are other people's characters I'm assisting in the creation of.

- Ripsin (Lakitu)

Minor Characters

Tortavi (Ket's species)
- Mirill

Nerond (Brask's species)
- Mebon (created by Gazpacho)
- (unnamed female)

Goblin (listing sub-species and body types)
- Gimel (I)
- Dalet (I / II / III)
- (undefined)

Miscellaneous (various species)
- Minio
- Myriad Dewcrest
- Geosmin
- Nuzzle
- bird skeleton
- orange bug
- Small Armored Guy
- Bishy Ram Guy
- Ancient Minister?
- (misc. unnamed)

Favorite Character Types (In Order)

- koopa
- turtle (tortoise)
- grey alien (gray alien) ["Gray's Anatomy"]
- mage (wizard)
- obscured face (dark face)
- goblin
- imp
- demon (devil)
- gargoyle
- alien (incl. LGM)
- frog
- ninja
- robot
- masked
- pig
- bird
- crocodilian (alligator/crocodile)
- snake