Brask Vovik

Brask Vovik

Brask is undergoing a redesign. All information below is for the classic Brask design now known as "Braskling".

Braskling References

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General Info

Brask is a 20-year-old arkmage (similar to a wizard). He uses objects called "arks" to perform magic and other special abilities.

The name of his species is nerond. Neronds have characteristic smooth, dark gray/black skin and rounded body features, such as the spherical head. Nerond anatomy mostly resembles that of the human (as with most anthropomorphic characters). Neronds are capable of incredibly expressive facial emotions, very much like that of anime characters. They are also really short, with the average adult height being under 3ft. In Brask's case, he is 2.4ft tall.

Japanese Name Translation: ブラスク・ヴォヴィック

Physical Attributes

- height: 2'4" (72cm)
- jet black (skin gets gray tones when exposed to more light)
- rotund, short, stocky features

- spherical head
- large black pupils / white outer eyes
- no nose or ears
- emotive (anime-like) face

- three fingers + one thumb on each hand

- nipples
- portly belly w/ navel

- human-like penis w/ some foreskin (thick; 4" erect)
- external balls
- plump ass (no tail)

- three rounded toes on each foot


Around 2003, I attempted to create an erotic drawing of a Black Mage from the Final Fantasy series; likely Vivi. The dark, featureless face and stocky build made him oddly charming. In my drawing, I completely disrobed the character (except for the hat, I think) and added bodily features I found arousing. However, the quality of the drawing appalled me, and I destroyed the picture. Afterward, I realized that the character I drew looked very different from what a Black Mage should be, so it would be better to create an original character based on those features. The name "Brask" came from the acronym for "Black, Round, and Sexy (to) Kinmotsu". While I believe I actually initiated Ket's design before Brask, Brask's design matured far sooner. His anatomical design has been rather consistent over the years: a mix of short, dark, pudgy features with an incredibly simplistic anime-inspired face.