Art Ideas

Art Ideas


I will be migrating everything on this page to Trello over time.


Art Ideas I Want Drawn

The List:
- Artist Wishlist
- Commish Contest
- Mirill in this pose: >>12316
- Turtle Shell Cum
- Nerond Female Hair
- Tall Nerond Character
- Goblin Design Cauldron
- Benzen's Visitors, Parts 2 and 3
- Lombnut Wishlist
- Lakitu and Kamek
- Art Practice Exercises
- White Bomber (Bomberman) and Dr. Lovebomber
- Cheech Wizard and Lizard Comic
- SS main char smashes final boss under his massive nuts w/ caption: "WHAT A TWIST!"
- Popufur
- CTH Wishlist
- Dreamous Wishlist



- Adult, 2+ character, colored & shaded picture.
- What I like is simple: I like seeing the characters' private parts and seeing sex acts involving these parts.
- My favorite parts, in order: Penis, balls, toes/feet, ass, cum/pre-cum, belly, nipples. (Foreskin is preferred, but can be pulled back.)
- The more parts/acts/intimacy you can reasonably present in the pic, the better, but I'm not expecting to see everything all at once.
- Choose one of the following three options:

Option #1: Draw a scenario from the "SCENARIO LIST" further below.

Option #2: Pick characters (check image description/comments) and some sex acts, then draw it.

Option #3: Finish or remake one of these pictures. Make sure to check the image's description & comments for more info.


SCENARIO LIST (for Option #1)

- Winston & Troubadour (& Agent T ?)

- ToeJam & Earl. Elevator sex w/ shoes off.

- Ratchet, Clank, Persuader Inventor. Persuader usage.

- Yokai Watch short, human-like characters with toes.

- Sonic Series: Tommy Turtle, Flying Frog, Sonic the Hedgehog

- Fate and Ket sitting next to or across from each other, enjoying a romantic candle lit dinner, and blushing while their feet are rubbing under the table. Could be made more complex and erotic. For example, having Brask underneath the table switching back and forth between Fate and Ket giving them a blowjob.

- Wizard/mage orgy: Brask, Eggplant Wizard, Hokus/Pokus, Kamek, Orko, Vivi, Brighton, etc. Magical sex toys involved. You choose the sex acts.

- Yoshi's Island orgy: Bandit, Kamek, Koopa Troopa, Lakitu, Poochy, Yoshi, etc. You choose the sex acts. ("Poochy Ain't Spittin'")

- Turtle/tortoise orgy: Ket, Koopa Troopa and/or Bowser, Mikey (TMNT), Franklin, Troubadour, Fastback, Filburt, Dewey, etc. You choose the sex acts.

- Nerond orgy: Just a whole pile of them, all around Brask as they grope his tits and he gropes them back, then forming a big musky train of stubby little black men, with their curves jiggling around in a chorus of fatty slaps and deep groans.

- Aimless wanderers orgy: Troddlers, Lemmings, Merry-Men (Benefactor), and maybe Worms too. You choose the sex acts.

- Sniz & Fondue


Besides what's on this list, the following locations are also good reference:
- (Personal) Notes folder (???) & WIP folders (folders plural?)
- Favorite Characters with little porn
- references with no porn
- previously posted unfinished pics
- all previous art
- Tag List
- Kinks List

General Content Ideas

Things to for me to consider when drawing porn:
- greater contrast
- possibly solid shading
- thinner lines
- shorter toes, in most cases [Example]
- XOXO (more kissing/hugging)
- integrity strip (maintain character integrity; don't strip him too bare)
- the mirror trick (flip canvas horizontally)
- story time (erotic story for description when pic is finished)
- merge w/:

Favorite Proportions & Body Features List?

Select Detailed Desires:
- explicit acts ("if I don't see the dick going in the hole, it's not sex!")
- penis(es) erect and shooting cum, especially if animated (e.g. big bag, lakitu animation)
- multitasking (multiple acts simultaneously)
- double penetration (two guys fucking the anus of a third)
- feet prominently displayed
- dicks in close proximity of each other, possibly at interesting angles
- feet touching other favorite body parts
- certain characters with thick, and particularly longer, dicks
- semen filling the mouth or being licked up
- rimming
- autofellatio
- lots of cum (& big nuts)
- wearing tights/spandex (colored; not pantyhose; focus on feet, legs, and crotch)
- Character reclining back with knees bent, cock and balls visible, and ass and soles of feet pointing towards the viewer. A dick/dildo/fingers will be fucking his asshole from below. He will be erect and ejaculating all over his torso and face.
- watersports

More Positions:
- 2+ people jizzing in a mouth
- 69, but bottom character's feet planted and ass raised
- X licking cum off of X's toes while erect and dripping cum. X's other foot is licked by Y.
- big dick with smaller dick touching/close-by
- bukakke with two chars in the center (one aroused)
- char A giving char B a BJ while char A fingers char B; maybe char B uses his feet to stroke char A's dick
- char A inserting char B's dick into char C's ass
- char A lying down fucking char B which is "riding" A, while A is sucking off B
- char A lying on back, arms out, somewhat limp; char B standing near A crotch, grabbing A legs, cumming all over A
- char A lying on back; char B also lying on back on top of char A, with feet in char A's face; char A's dick in char B's ass; char A giving char B a handjob; char B rubbing one of his nipples with a hand
- char A sucks char B; char A gives handjob to char C; char C fingers char A's ass ... also similar configurations concerning char A
- characters perched on top of others
- chinese finger trapping two dicks together
- foot/toe rubs
- kiss on the arse
- kissing missionary frot
- My old Mike & Sulley pic
- one character rubbing two other characters' dicks together
- partially unclothed / clothing strip
- position where two people lay on top of one another and a third takes turns fucking one, then the other
- see-through porn
- self-footjob
- someone saying "oh my god I can't stop (cumming)"
- spooning frot (skin & bones style)
- tall character bending down to give lick cock & balls of much shorter character
- toe in the ass
- While X fucks Y's ass, Z makes out with X and cums on X's dick.

Specific Picture Ideas

- Angels & Demons: Hot angels with Toad-like features having sex with hot demons
- Galgomon and Impmon
- Brask drawn Kurumi style.
- Robot Master Group / shoving an E tank in heatman's ass