Fate is undergoing a redesign. All information below is for the classic Fate design now known as "Gray Fate".

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General Info

Fate is a Grey alien wearing a suit comprised of green spandex-like material and a gold mask. His age is unknown, but he is older than Ket.

Japanese Name Translation: 「運命」(フェイト)

Image References

Clean, Unmasked, Unsuited, Refs:

Fully-Nude Back Ref:
(feet should be bigger than in this ref)

The body type of the following references are not spot on. Fate should be shorter and thinner-limbed than many of these depictions. Also, his head should be more like the typical Grey alien design underneath the mask. Refer to the "Physical Attributes" section at the bottom for updated official reference.

Explicit Semi-Clothed Ref (drawn by Purple Kecleon):

Above: high quality / Here: low quality

Explicit Fully-Nude Ref (drawn by Sony-Shock):

Explicit Semi-Nude Ref 1 (both drawn by Nazuu-M0nster):

Explicit Semi-Nude Ref 2 (drawn by Alakser):

Physical Attributes

- height: 3'1" (94cm)
- is a Grey alien in green tights
- short, thin, toned build

- wears a golden mask
- big Grey alien head
- large Grey alien eyes

- three fingers + one thumb on each hand

- nipples
- navel

- external penis (may be non-human; I'm undecided)
- external balls

- feet are slightly large
- four toes on each foot


In January of 2006, I had a dream about this unique character. I attempted to preserve as much as possible from the dream in creating his design. The name "Fate" comes from his name in the dream, though I do not recall how it was I knew that. More information about the dream can be found in the comments for the original drawing of Fate. Since inception, I've attempted to rationalize what Fate would looks like under the suit, and I've decided it most fitting he be a Grey-style alien. There is still much about him that needs to be finalized, though I don't plan to make any drastic changes.