Aubin & Ket at the Beach (sketch)
Art by Redemption3445
!G 08 2018 @Redemption3445 Aubin_Eno Aubin_Eno_(tiny) Ket WIP monkey tortavi

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Last but not least in this batch of 19 OC-focused art pieces features Redemption3445's new fursona, Aubin Eno! There's quite a bit of history to this design that may be divulged if/when Red feels the time is right, but in summary, he finally settled on a public visage to supplant Veene (who was used sparingly even then). I'm quite happy that Red created a design he's comfortable with showing off. =}

Aubin is a cute tiny monkeh, and Ket loves him very much~ Thank you so much for everything, Red!! <3

P.S. Aubin often likes to put on his favorite blonde wig. He can be seen handsomely donning it in this picture. ;}
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