Mouser & Toad
Art by Redemption3445
!G 07 2017 @Redemption3445 G29 Mario_(series) Mouser Super_Mario_Bros._2 Toad_(Mario) mouse


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4 of 7 pics by Redemption3445 that were finished last week. I think this is the first good Mouser porn I've ever seen, and boy is it good! Great Toad too~ Thanks, Red! =}
Uploader Ket-Ralus,
Tags !G 07 2017 @Redemption3445 G29 Mario_(series) mouse Mouser Super_Mario_Bros._2 Toad_(Mario)
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Unsavory: I like this art plz make more toad.

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Ket-Ralus: We'll definitely have more Toad coming!

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Unsavory: YAY