Large ejaculation! (B)
Art by Hatake
!G 03 2017 G11 Hatake Ket Mebon nerond tortavi


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A: >>12323
B: (this)

This commission from Hatake (a.k.a. flag) comes complete with a bonus sketch. Hatake is a fully legit Japanese artist who did one of my favorite adult mangas, "Digital Hazard" (e621 / E-Hentai), under the name Ekataraf (this guy has a lot of aliases, no?). I tried to get this commission last year, but I guess there was a disconnect in communication; I tried again this year with success! The pairing of Ket with Mebon (not Brask) was suggested by temp_anon, and I think it worked out well. =} Thanks, Hatake!

P.S. There's surely a question many of you will have about these pictures. Message me privately for the answer. ;}
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Tags !G 03 2017 G11 Hatake Ket Mebon nerond tortavi
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