Ket & Brask's Hyper 69
Art by yowesephth
!G 02 2017 @yowesephth Brask Braskling G07 Ket nerond tortavi


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main image
X-ray view (ver. 2) here.

Hyper's not usually something I'm into, but I've warmed up to it over the years, and even recently thought up a hyper-based art idea involving my OCs, Ket & Brask. I was actually gonna draw this myself, but then I realized it'd be a perfect fit for a commission from yowesephth (don't ask me how to pronounce that). FYI, he draws some weird stuff, even by my standards, so you may want to tread carefully if you follow that link.

Anyway, Yowwie did a great job on this picture! He nailed the character likenesses the first time through, and did not skimp on the fluids. Now, I should mention he forgot to use the positioning idea that I drew, and (partially because of that) the precum didn't come out the way I envisioned it (with more trails and strands, and pooling in Ket's navel). However, this picture is still quite close to my original concept, and it even includes a few fun things I didn't think of beforehand. I also got a good deal and discount on this.

The image here is ver. 1, but be sure to check out ver. 2 for an x-ray view. ;} Thanks, Yowwie!
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