Gift Box #1
Art by Ket✦Ralus
!K 01 2017 @KetRalus Brask Braskling BrightMan.EXE K02 Mega_Man_Battle_Network_(series) Mega_Man_Network_Transmission Red_(alien) Vert alien bat nerond


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main image
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Over the years, people have drawn a lot of free art for me out of the goodness of their hearts, but I never found the right time to repay their kindness... until now! I'm going to be doing several of these "Gift Boxes", each featuring four characters, and here's the first one. These are just simple sketches, but they're the first step on the road to reciprocation.

Here's the list of gifts, clockwise from the top-left, along with reasons for drawing these gifts:
- Red (alien), for Redemption3445
business partner and one of my best buds; he's drawn a ton of great art for me
- Vert, for VertMB
did a little Flash animation of Ket back in the day
- BrightMan.EXE, for CommanderStar
drew Brask Vovik fan art once upon a time
- Brask, for temp_anon
my dearest of dears =} he is also an author!
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