Sketch & WIP Collage
Art by Ket✦Ralus
!K 01 2017 @KetRalus @Redemption3445 Brask Braskling Demon_Warlock Demonoid Dreamous_Sprite Eddie Gadrac Izzy K01 Ket Kurt_Koopa Larry Marvin_the_Martian Mickey_Mouse Monocle_Man Nova Rockman Sparks Trippy_Turtle Veene WIP Wunderlist Yoda Zool kobold zz


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A collage of 5+ years of sketches & WIPs!

I'm gonna add some notes here, going row by row, left to right. The dates listed are approximately the dates these were started, though additional work was done at later dates on most of these.

Top Row:
- 2012-04-10 Braskomik, for temp_anon: Unfinished comic in which Brask uses a magic koopa rod to enlarge his nuts and fill his mouth with cum. I originally planned for a total of about a dozen panels (all shown here), but then decided to pair it down to four (the colored ones). However, I eventually want to finish this as I originally intended. FYI, this group also includes an unrelated pose sketch ("2016-11-25 mini dude outline"; newest thing on the collage), but I may end up assimilating it into the comic. =}
- 2010-09-24 Nova, for Benzen: Oldest thing on the collage. I edited my Brask reference as a visual estimate for the design of Benzen's original character, Nova, an alien explorer from the cat-like Moti species.
- 2015-07-12 Demonoid: A frame from a Flash animation based on >>10468. Maybe I'll finish the animation some day, but I now prefer animating with HTML5.
- 2013-10-17 Sparks: Unfinished art of Sparks from Aliens in the Attic. This is kind of an edit but I'd consider it more of a trace.

Second Row:
- 2014-02-08 Sex Icons, for CTH: Adult pixel icons created for a game that I doubt will ever see the light of day.
- 2013-02-14 Mega Man (big booty), for temp_anon: Mega Man with an enlarged butt and 1up-printed tighty whities, joined by his pal, Eddie! This was a late/unfinished Valentine's Day 2013 pic. Haven't done any Valentine pics since. "=P
- 2013-09-01 Monocle Man & Gadrac: This is an old sketch version, and the artwork is actually close to finished now, so I'll talk about it later.
- 2016-11-12 kobold magus, for CTH: Character concept design for CTH. Redemption3445 did one as well, but you'll have to ask him for that. We still haven't gotten feedback from CTH on our designs.
- 2014-02-09 Dreamous Sprite, for Dreamous: Illustration of Dreamous's sprite original character.

Third Row:
- 2015-01-05 Marvin & Ket, for temp_anon: Marvin the Martian & Ket with big dicks. ;} I really need to finish some of this art I've started for temp~
- 2016-09-01 Kurt & Ket, for Kurt Koopa: Birthday gift sketch. Yes, Kurt is a Koopa Troopa with a Squirtle tail. :}
- 2015-08-05 Wunderlist & Ket: Very incomplete pic featuring the Wunderlist monster ("summer monster"). I'm not really interested in that character anymore, but I really like the view here with Ket's thick dick penetrating dat ass, so I may rework it with another character.
- 2015-07-06 Trippy Turtle: Planning for an animation that includes alternate genital and foot styles.
- 2016-03-11 Zool: Frames from an HTML5 animation in progress based on >>10666. It's gonna be great! =D HQ version here.
- 2015-10-29 Demon Warlock: Sketch drawn in preparation for a Halloween 2015 collab with Redemption3445 that didn't finish on time, but will likely be finished soon!

Bottom Row:
- 2015-08-17 Veene & Ket Hug, for Redemption3445: "cheer up, Red <3" (Veene is one of Red's original characters)
- 2015-08-27 Veene & Ket Sex 1, for Redemption3445: Actually this is also a hug, and there is no explicit sex, but something could be going up Ket's bum. ;}
- 2015-08-27 Veene & Ket Sex 2, for Redemption3445: Some nude foot licking. The second of two pics using a rough drawing style loosely inspired by black velvet paintings.
- 2016-10-20 Mickey & Yoda 1, with Redemption3445: Yoda uses Force Masturbate on Mickey. I don't know why I colored in the top of Mickey's head on this one and not the second one.
- 2016-10-20 Mickey & Yoda 2, with Redemption3445: "Mickey! The Force, you must use!"
- 2016-10-29 Larry, for Redemption3445: Red picked a character from my reference reserves for me to draw: Larry from The Life of Larry and Larry & Steve.
- 2016-10-29 Izzy: I just did this sketch of Izzy the Olympic Mascot for myself. =}
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