EDIT Collage B
Art by Ket✦Ralus
!K 12 2016 @KetRalus Clownman K12 Mike_Wazowski Monsters_University Neo Protoss Robot_Master Rockman_(series) Scratch StarCraft_(series) Super_Magnetic_Neo Timez_Attack Zeratul edit zz


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A collage of edits I've started over the past 10 years, finally completed! This is the "B" side of this project, which contains clean art from miscellaneous sources onto which I've projected dicks.

Characters (clockwise from top-left):
- Zeratul (Protoss from StarCraft II, or the series in general)
- Clownman (Robot Master from Mega Man 8 in the Rockman series) [standalone version]
- "Bomb Kid" (art from some flyer I found)
- "Whiteboard" (art from a random whiteboard)
- Scratch (Timez Attack; never played this FYI)
- Mike Wazowski (Monsters University; also from Monsters, Inc.)
- Neo (Super Magnetic Neo; some Dreamcast game)
- "Zoho" (art from Zoho.com)

To see what the originals look like, click the Source link.
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