Art by Nazuu-m0nster
!G 12 2016 @Nazuu-m0nster G30 Zool Zool_(series) alien goblin masked ninja


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I commissioned Nazuu for this picture as part of her Iron Artist Challenge. I wasn't sure if Nazuu would still draw Rule 34 due to her strict policies, but either she was OK with this character, or I disguised the references enough to make him seem like an OC. In any case, Zool porn!

This is an excellent rendition by Nazuu! It's nothing daring, but it gets all of his features just right—well, to my tastes at least ;} Couldn't ask for anything more!... except a cumshot, which apparently Nazuu no longer will draw because it's too "messy". But hey, that's what edits are for >=}

Thanks again, Nazuu!
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