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!G 12 2016 @Nazuu-m0nster G28 Minio


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I commissioned Nazuu for this picture as part of her Iron Artist Challenge. It's been a while since I got any art of Minio, my Mario-inspired mini OC, so I decided to get Nazuu's take on him. I also requested to give him a fancy hat to make for a more interesting character silhouette.

The proportions are a bit off, and Nazuu refused to correct them, but she managed to get most of the details right. Overall, solid work, but not the definitive character pinup I was hoping for.

In any case, this is probably the last art you'll see of this guy. I created him specifically as a mascot of the Shortierotica group, but that didn't reach the level of popularity I hoped for, and I'm moving onto other projects now.
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