Burmecian Pedo
Art by Redemption3445
!G 10 2016 @Redemption3445 Black_Mage Burmecian Burmecian_(generic) Final_Fantasy_(series) Final_Fantasy_IX G23 Puck Vivi_Ornitier mage obscured_face


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main image
High Quality version in Source link.

Art by the talented Redemption3445!
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headsortails: Had to make an account on here to thank you for all the great Vivi work you've commissioned! Can't get enough of that little black mage~

Not to mention, there are a ton of other underrated characters who are in some real quality stuff thanks to you! I'm also a foot guy, so that certainly helps things.

Anyway, I'll try and keep this short. Thank you for doing the Good Lord's work, Ket. It is VERY much appreciated.

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Ket-Ralus: Thank you for joining up on my site! Red and I appreciate the kind words. =} You'll be happy to know that more Vivi is in the works, but it will take some time before it's done. In any case, you and I obviously share a lot of interests, so I'm sure I'll continue to post things that catch your eye. ;} You're most welcome for the art, and thanks for stopping by~