Ket & Frogger (CANCELLED) #3
Art by Azul
!G 10 2016 Azul_(artist) Frogger Frogger_(series) G20 Ket WIP frog tortavi


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Hardly two weeks after I posted WIPs 1 & 2 (>>12203), Azul got back to me with #3, which came totally unexpected. I actually quite enjoy this one, and even offered to give him a second chance at the whole commission deal with increased pay if he finished it. However, he declined, stating that doing commissions would not work out for him at this time. He said he's done with this, and has refunded my money (with interest). While I wish there was a proper conclusion, I still very much appreciate the recompense. =}

NOTE: This was sent to me last month, but I just now cleaned it up to post. To clarify: The unfinished inks and colors were done by Azul, and have been left as-is. However, the rest of the pic was a somewhat messy sketch, so I tidied up.
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