Ket & Frogger (CANCELLED)
Art by Azul
!G 09 2016 Azul_(artist) Frogger Frogger_(series) G15 Ket WIP frog tortavi


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Back in Nov 2013, I commissioned—and paid—Azul for some Ket & Frogger porn. Over a year later (in 2015), he finally produced his first WIP, and then a month later, a redrawn WIP. I've cleaned up both WIPs and combined them here. It's been about 18 months since he's shown me anything. Despite numerous attempts to follow up with him and work towards a simple solution, he has made no progress. The amount I paid was paltry, but nonetheless, I expected better cooperation from him. I've decided to just consider this a loss and move on.

UPDATE (2016-10-15): A third WIP has emerged upon the pond~ >>12243
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