Sauna Triad
Art by runde
!G 08 2016 @runde Brask Braskling Fate G14 Ket nerond tortavi


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Times got tough for runde, so I worked out a deal with him for a special commission. He normally doesn't draw any NSFW stuff, but these were extraordinary circumstances. Despite his lack of practice with drawing genitalia (he admits not drawing any for about 7 years), I think he did a fine job! ... Of course, I did give him a couple pointers (e.g. foreskin), but he is a fast learner. ;}

I'm rather happy with how this picture turned out. =} All I asked for was my triad in a sauna with full frontal nudity. The composition was all runde's doing. The posing, the implied comedy, Brask laughing his ass off XD, the clouds of steam... all runde's ideas. I think it's great!

In the end, runde said he needs to get out of his comfort zone (the subjects he normally draws), and this commission taught him some things, so maybe we'll see more art like this in the future? In any case, I really enjoy this drawing, and I thank runde for all his hard work! =D
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Ket-Ralus: I didn't mention it before, but this picture draws from an idea I had once before:
"Brask's Finnish sauna (In the sauna it is a faux pas to wear clothing in the hot room, although it is acceptable to sit on a small towel or pefletti.)"
Of course, there are no towels present here, but that's a trifling detail. The lack of clothing is what is of utmost importance. ;}