Ket & Brask lounging
Art by runde
!G 05 2016 @runde Brask Braskling G06 Ket nerond tortavi


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So, runde was open for commissions, and I took him up on the offer. While he doesn't do adult art, he agreed to draw a couple scantily clad gentlemen engaging in frottage of the feet~

In this scene, Brask is sneaking a foot over to Ket's and letting the toes intermingle. ;}

Thanks, runde! =D
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Kurt: Wow! He went all out on how he drew up his lines. It gives you both that colorful yet pencil mark up style. Nicely done, even more interesting it looks as he went crazy on the depth of colors too!

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Ket-Ralus: I wish the lines were cleaner but I agree he did a very nice job on drawing this and giving it a sense of depth. =}

Also, I'm currently using this as the background for my disclaimer page ;}