Alien, Kama, Mirill, for Redemption3445
Art by Ket Ralus & Redemption3445
!K 04 2016 @KetRalus @Redemption3445 K04 Kama Mirill alien chartreuse_alien tortavi


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Overdue Xmas present for my pal Redemption3445~ My female tortavi, Mirill, along with Red's (unnamed) chartreuse alien and baddie boss, Kama. This gift was not a surprise to Red though, as he offered a helping hand in the creation. He made important fixes to the sketch, reworked the background, and added the finishing touches on this piece. =}
Uploader Ket-Ralus,
Tags !K 04 2016 @KetRalus @Redemption3445 alien chartreuse_alien K04 Kama Mirill tortavi
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