Fate, Brask, Ket 3
Art by Nazuu-m0nster (ink/color), Purple Kecleon (sketch)
!G 01 2016 @Nazuu-m0nster Brask Braskling Fate G04 Ket Purple_Kecleon_(artist) nerond tortavi

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I commissioned Nazuu-m0nster for a soft-shaded colorization of an old 2010 sketch by Purple Kecleon (>>10400). I think it came out great! Thanks, Nazuu. =}
Uploader Ket-Ralus,
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Loyal: Gotta say, there is a lot of love here. Brask is really enjoying himself and Fate is so enigmatic x3 Ket, your hole looks like it is begging for love. I'd be more than happy to volunteer of course ;]

On a side note, that foreskin looks so smooth and shiny. And your feet look amazing!! Lots of sexy love on this pic.

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Ket-Ralus: Oh, Loyal~ <3 Yeah, my hole could definitely use some love ;} *wags his tail* My feet could use some attention too!

Thanks for the lovely comment, Loyal! =}

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Kurt: I see a hole at top which needs to have a large member inserted and given some love down into that anus, Ket. Hmm... Not only that, but no one is giving love to them lovely green soles of yours, which is a darn shame. If I was in there, I'd ensure those parts are giving some love with a bit of some licking while at it. <3

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Ket-Ralus: Hehehe, Kurt, you're quite the kind Koopa. =} You're also very right. ;} <3