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lomby: What a cutiest kiddo you got there at-views, Ket-meister; *winknudge*
maayhaaps he saw nee spied somethin' he came to liked - and we just did do the same, ah? ;)

~Suck lovely, simplelike and rotundish designs,
and too, some supple cheekies to-boot[y], heh! <3

(thooouugh I'd do admit towards lewd aloud, fooor to suurely, I would wanna "tug" on moreso then his mere undie-wondies hereat, yup japp, lemme tell ya at that! :9)

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Ket-Ralus: Yeah this shorty has some cute curves and toony expressions. Might draw something of him in the future.

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: *nods naughtily*
He sure do have and has a grrreat ass, 'his li'l Kick,

thooouugh admittedly, the kinda poses he's been keen to shownoff pullin' in postures, can't really be that good a physique for your back 'r a spine's stance, ah - butt his backside be sooo plumpy and yumyum nevertheless withstanding, hurr <3

I too had a little [lusty ]while back, wherein I gave friskily a looksee around ('roused), over at Paheal's R34 collective of pornography 'plenty, aaannd it does seem so that we're not the only ones to find this chubby cutie somewhat fuckable; which is so somewhat rather flattering, in a sexual semblance of sense, ahahehe~ ':b

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Ket-Ralus: Yeah there's a couple good Kick pics at Paheal, but there could be more. Perhaps I'll have to make it happen. ;}