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lomby: Niiicee~ <3 <3

~also of a naughty note however, be of:

^Yooouu see, my buddybub Onci'bro at nowawhilesback, did do drawns inwhich he drew forth for me, a dirty couple of perv pics of this tubby too, of an chub croc', eheheh, huff|puff~ :\\9

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Ket-Ralus: Thanks for the heads up! Wani is certainly one of the cutest crocs I've seen. =}

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: ~S-Shusha now, for can you not see so, that he's do tryin' really-'ard, to look all alike "Grr~rawrz" in his intimidation and á la this precise posing 'n' posturing? ;3 He'd not come to appreciate much, of such cutesy says or flattering remarks, as made unto his fattening bode, aha!

... thooouugh, knowing us twos terrific kinky, we'd be most likely to does turn that intimidating display, into a splayed, "sprayed" bout of INtimate'datin', yup yeah? ;9 ~'tis surely so, such an nicely swell he gots onto his croc-oohh cocker, I be sure of, aha, aaannd it makes me all felt antsy t' gogone thinkin' about. :)

~Such a snappy dresser, for darn, he'd be that too(!), and real-easily to swoon over this alike. ^^
The one and singular scar across his onlooking eyin' too, be a neatest little touch, of added designs, mhm.
And, ofcourse, for finale, I must so too agree, that his thick toes, do be rather cutish, and awholealottamurr t' more. B) I wouldn't wanna mind myself a stout, stomped "trample" thereinunder his wide 'Wani' weight, aahh! <3

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Ket-Ralus: Yeah he's got an interesting combo of tough, cute, and dashing features. I feel he could pull off any of them in entirety well, if the situation were right. =}