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lomby: Woah and Wowza Ket, for you've been real-busy within your founded R! folder, since last I came-by to be partake, of the visited;

- you even remembered to recall this fetchin' fella (ergo "tall, DARK, and handsome" hehe) inof recollection, among with abuncha other stuffs either made mentioned by me or others o' else! :D
I am really, quite the impressed, bestest Mister Ralus~ <3

(Aaannd ofcourse, I oftenly makes IT a had habit of mine my own, as to go to goes, of visiting your folder filled of References plethora, whenever I visits hereon of your owned KRG site, juuusst so as to see whether whatever "news" aplenty it may be to bring me, heh. c:)

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Ket-Ralus: I have a ton of references I have saved to disk that I've not had time to upload, but I'm trying to get through them all. Mr. Dark is one of these. Glad you're pleased with some of my choices. =} Stay tuned for more!

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: Good Good, good to hear t' ear,
for I diiid wondered sometimes firstly, if you had forgotten of certain fellas in recollect - though I in hindsight, obviously should have known the better, given the abundant amount of artsy you gotsa stored and stacked in your shelly und site. ;)

~As per the titular Mister Darks though,
'tis really such a shame, that Ancel and Ubisoft never went wayback to utilizing his either potential or presence evermore so often, aaas he was to were quite the interesting and intriguing prospect nah prowess, power... A masterer of them dark-arts, and so for here, there's alot of untapped potency herefore,

... ~though I am surely soso~sure, he'll gets 'round to "tap" (<3) us however whatsoever, in some adulty way 'r another allewds manner, heh..! =P