Lakitu Orgy
Art by Brainsister
!G 10 2015 @Brainsister Ket Lakilester Lakitu Lakitu's_Cloud Mario_(series) Paper_Mario Paper_Mario_(series) Spiny dp koopa tortavi


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main image
An epic orgy of chubby shell-less turtles, commissioned by me and drawn by Brainsister! Many thanks to her!! =} I can't express enough how much I enjoy this~ <3

P.S. I think this might fill my Lakitu quota for the year. =P
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lomby: Some steamy stickydicky stuffz, Ket; mmm "unf" I elicit enticed <3

~aaannd just seein' this piece o' pervypic' alone in my email only, made me all, ehehe, horny-porny,
and the deeds of seeds now needs doing, be best left untold 'r unsaid, unspoken. ^^

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lomby: ... Also of complete coincidental note and notice; buuut these nude Lakitus, kinda look-like and remind-me sorta, of the/m Minions, from the "Despicable Me" franchise - mayhaps potential, hrrmmmh, porny crossover, ah?

~ooor, ehehe, would that be a called "cockover" rather? ;D

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Ket-Ralus: lomby, I'm glad you got enjoyment out of this on the same level that I did/do. ;}

cockover, lol =D I've noticed the similarities between lakitus and minions, but I've no current plans to mix the two. I believe they each stand on their own. Maybe in the future they could meet, but who knows!

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Kurt: I must admit. Every time I came on and saw this piece, I couldn't help to feel lucky for you, Ket. Its so amazing and it brings the feels between my legs. The anatomy looks so perfect. I love this picture, it just shows how much love can come from a group.

All that is missing in this piece is the lick action, but I don't think it really needs it. It already is pure amazing.

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Ket-Ralus: The lick action, eh?

And yeah I really do love this pic. ;} Glad you enjoy it too~

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Kurt: Mmhmm...~ The licking is always good. <3

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Dororo_Heichou: Hot! I'm speechless

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Ket-Ralus: Still one of my favorites! Brainsister did a fantastic job on this. I'm going to have to commission her for more art~ ;}