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lomby: ... Some naked uncladness before, and NOW bound bondage;

Their PR-department REALLY gets aways with absolutely *anything*, don't they? =u=;

(Not that I myself mind tho', of course, for Red was always my fav'ilicious spherical hottie~) <3

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Ket-Ralus: Yes, I'm definitely glad they've kept Red around as their mascot for so many years. I eat him right up. =9

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Kurt: I came across this from the side chat going on. I really didn't think that M&M's company actually created this advertisement when valentines day was around. It is a good month to advertise stuff as to this, but... I feel this wasn't towards the kids. It was highly more towards the romantic audience.

They try everything without going so far to being disturbing about it and try to brand it as a funny gimmick. Its a good way to grab hold of consumers. Although to be honest, I will say it surely is something that they would go this far.

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Ket-Ralus: Being someone who is not really into bondage, I never found this to be sexual (aside from Red just being hot on his own ;} ), and I'm pretty sure most people would not view this with any scorn.

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Kurt: I have to agree on that one, Ket. I would believe the same with you.

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: MMMmmmMMM!
Can't argue with that assessment, at-all!

For sound sure, buddyKet,
for I too, would love a lickin'-good-time unto his chocolaty goodness,
and choco'cock-oh! ;'D

... I'm sure ruddy Red 'ere, wouldn't mind us twos (OR threes, with KurtyTurty too included, intimately!), as *to nibble naughtily onto his chocolate-coat/ing*, and to be enjoying arousedly, his savored flavors. >:9

W-We're gonna go make him goo,
and make him m e l t in our smelting, sensually fonding handlingsss,
fooor, this time 'round, >we're sure< to have him melt in our hands, [and SO MUCH more], tekekehehe~ ^v^

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Ket-Ralus: He can melt in my mouth first. ;}

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: You 'n' me both, mister Ralus; you 'n' me both, be in and of likewise likes thereof, yeesss~~~ <3

*drools drippy*
I can only dare dream imagine/d, his heated hot *and hearty, h e a v y*, thickly flavorful "cocoa"crrream~ oUo

OHMAN>Iwish<theyjusthadMandM'scertainchocolate,inthem"SQUIRT-bottles"soright-'bout-now! <3 <3 <3

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Ket-Ralus: M&M's phallic-shaped chocolate squirt bottles~ now there's a tasty thought. =9

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lomby: *laughs, chucklin'* A tasted pun, be much appreciated. x)

[And too]You'd be surprised to see, of >what> kinds of areaS, the M&M corp. have their oval-to-orbous main-mascot/s dispensing their came candies from,

fooor a few of 'em "[un?]fortunate", have them choco'nuts cumin' right from the crotch. :B

... Iactuallyreallykindawant,a*kinky*dispenseralikethatthough,rightaboutnow! <3
I know of a few official M&M's ones, with "odd" [read:i.e.lewd] placements for a dispenser's orifice. xux