Unfinished Batch 2011~2015
Art by Ket✦Ralus
!K 08 2015 @KetRalus Bomberman_(series) Dead_Space_(series) Feed_Me Frogatto Gestra Guardian_of_Earth John_and_John Karaoke_Bomber Light_Speed VAMP WIP Who's_That_Flying Wunderlist Wyv zz


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An unfinished batch of art started between 2011 and 2015. Some of these may get extra treatment down the road.

Top row (left to right):
1. Frogatto 2011-06-21
2. Earth (Who's That Flying) 2012-01-11 [A&B]
3. Wyv 2012-02-27 (mod 04-30)

Middle row (left to right):
4. Feed Me 2012-05-14
5. Gestra, Karaoke Bomber (Bomberman) 2013-09-12
6. John and John 2012-07-29

Bottom row (left to right):
7. Light Speed & VAMP (Dead Space) 2013-09-19
8. Hiero mini chubby 2014-01-31
9. Wunderlist monster "Wunderlust" 2015-08-02
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- Reply
Kurt: Mmm... Need some assistance on getting some of these finished, Ket? <3

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: If you have a piece in mind that you're interested in working on, you're perfectly welcome to give it a shot. =} Just let me know. <3

- Reply
Kurt: I had the thought on working on number 5 and 7. ^^

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Oh, cool! Well, I'd be willing to help you out with that! =D