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lomby: ... What 's yer fav-o fav' rendition, of the big beaker, Ket? /andwhy! :d

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lomby: ... ... I, me myself, would probably go with the 2000's one,
for he looks so-lovely tubby-chubby therein,
and his ruddy-red glass "gut" therein, as hanged onto his plush pants, looks kinda, MMM~! :#x

Kinda fat 'n' fine; joyously inviting. ^^

T-The found fact, too, therein, in that he wounds wearing certain clothes,
often too come to mean [maturely], that he too has *something to hide* underneath so,
and (a which fact) makes it >all the more frisky-fresh fun<, as to undress him proper, until unclothed fully,

and thereon after, as arousedly to "sip" on his stickily sugar-sweet, y u m m y-juices. :'9

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Ket-Ralus: I like the 1995 one because he has nice feet/toes. =P I think he's equally round in both the 1995 and 2000. It just depends on the angle he's drawn at. And you know if it was me who was drawing, I'd make sure it shows. ;}

And yes, the clothing thing is something we've talked about before, so you know I'm in agreement. =9

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: *snickers/snorts* OF-COURSE you would, KetKet, o f - c o u r s e you wound~~~ ;3

It IS pervy peps of populous and particular popsy people alike you yerself, who, when given granted the occurred occasion/s, as to work within assumed advertisingment, >would be> done similar to the likes of them genially-perverse clever-heads, who gave us the unforgettable beastly-beauty, of them terrific furry-themed (andquitethefreshlyfriskyoneStoo!) Orangina adds. :b

... Not that I'd mind, seeing surely of your "interpretive" (read:INtimate) take on a ANY advert assumed, of-coursies. ;D

-> Dirty darers, thinks thought of *the gosh-darndest things*, 'fter-all~ <3

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Ket-Ralus: Hehe, you have a pretty good idea there. It might be fun to do up porn in the style of an advertisement. Something I'll have to keep in mind for later. ;}

I'd never seen the Orangina ads before, but wow, those videos are super furry (erotic). =P

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lomby: (I'd loOoveEe to see that idea, [andtooofIhavingcameinspiredtoso], Ket~ <3)

... And yeah - those 'gina ads, sure are *something special*. :b
A european uniqueness, if-you-will, as I believe they never really aired in the US of A(?) proper, due to their "questionable" content/s (toputitmildly). xB
- They WERE around it Europe a lot tho', and I found them very much enjoyable and most enticing,

>especially< the/that one video, of wherein you have this han'som' humankin of a youngish gay, seducing his feline maled mate. :9
Hot stuff!

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I laughed so hard at the first comment:
"Its a Khajiit"
(Elder Scrolls joke =P)

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lomby: *chuckles chucklin' likewise* ~ Nah, I got it, 'n' get-it too. :b

--- Aaannd I do too need-to-add however, that has some really-neato, niiiceee, and sexxxy displays, of them Orangina characters aplenty, if you'd be interested in its intrigue FURther. :)