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lomby: ... Just *a little bit* LOWer, the camera should pan~ (SOclose-YETsofar!)

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Ket-Ralus: Hehehe~ =D

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lomby: F.y.i.
I shooouuuld add in addition, that; whilst I myself, amn't much of an toyphile/toyphiliac, per say,

I do KNOW of a few hereon friends, who gets a bit fresh and frisky, horny and *hot* with their toyetic temptress' and fancy figures/figurines...

... Juuussst sayin',
that this might be ONE of those scant few, [flustred] (flush) occasions, wherein I miiighhht consider myself joinin' their crowdy-cum "ranks" in such aroused acts,

fooorrr this li'l mousy guy 'ere, is simply *too good* to pass up~! (if given the occasion's opportunity!)

lombs a-likey [a lot]~~~ ;#9

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Ket-Ralus: Mmm, yep yep. =} I know what you mean. ;}

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: <3

We be such a kinky batch o' bunch, Ket. C':
*Not even* playful plastics, be safe 'r saved, from our ferociously felt-fondling mitts!

A-And, I have herein my rowdy room,
a Steeljaw figure/ine (from Transformers: Robots In Disguise),
whose wolfish qualities, makes me eye him eagerly, and his handsome form, sexily; from time to time...

fff <w<

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Ket-Ralus: Well if you have a pic of it, I'd like to check it out. =}

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: Because I'm such a quaint queer, of-coouursee(!) I *had* to do some "sensual" photo-shoots and select sessions with he 'n' him, of SteelJaw... c(#:

1. http://oi59.tinypic.com/ve9qas.jpg
2. http://oi59.tinypic.com/11izjpt.jpg
3. http://oi58.tinypic.com/2s8im9s.jpg
4. http://oi62.tinypic.com/2v3m06v.jpg

... for"some"resoundreasonSthereof,
... becauseI'mmajustbefcknweirdolikethat. <:|D

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Ket-Ralus: Thanks for the pics! He's got a handsome blue-silver face. There's a lot of bulky metal on his body, but I'm sure you've imagined it "transforming" off. ;}

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lomby: Ehehehe~ <3 <3 <3


Thooouuugh truth-told, >I actually> kinda preferably prefer my robo'butts and electro'boys, to be verily weighty, hefty of steel, and too indeed, VERY robotic-esc; fooor the more metal/ic they are, *the more* attractive I tends to find them thereof for. /IwantMYrobotstobeROBOTS. c:

i.e. the lesser they be humanoid, and more-so robo', the more arousing to yours truly, i.m.o. ^^
(Tho' I do, of-course, make excused exceptions to this resound "rule" too, on occurred occasion/s, such as in them MegaMan's RoboMasters, etc. ergo etcetera! becauseohgollygoshdoesSnakeman"charmMYtrousersnake"!!!) :d

... *ahem* As for Steeljaw of he himself: I actually finds his toy form therein them taken photos, to be >a lot> more appealing, then over that of his animated counterpart, *if only* because of how bulky and bestial, wolfish and "feral" he lovingly looks, for such a big 'bot therein, in toyetic formfulness overall. ;9

(- whereas his TF:RiD ANIMATED counterpart, is less of such an beastly beauty such-as his own toyed depiction, and lack the toy's more explicit, [endearing] animal-esc traits!) 8p

... Was he and him as a toy, not so small sized, and, well, toyish in stature and-held-hand, I'd GLADLY cum to "play" with him else otherwise~ ;DDD

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lomby: ... (just'notherpost'boutSteelieJawsie, because .I.can.not. contain my gooddarn gushin' to all-but-one 'splayed posting, eheha.) =u=;


And, may I say said,
that as someone with more found furry interests (rather then considering me myself a furry, per say),
I do say, spoke that I admit to finding, when it comes to them newer Transformers, that too
the Steeljaw of the Robots In Disguise series, is preeeeeetty wholly-hot and unbelievably ungf.

I know I did not say so before, buuut... Part robot + Part furry = >all parts purrfect and wonderfur< totemptmetasteswith~ :9


I *especially* like how astute artists, tends to draw a depicted Steeljaw, with a robotic wolfly knot-knot~ OqO

[And dagnabbit] The show itself hasn't even been out for long nor much of time, and YET there's a few some and plenty sum of Steeljaw pornz...
Needless to say; ^GOD, I love the Internet.^

Dare I speak too; [that] those certain canine features (were/wolf?) to his robot form and frame, are just... sssexxxy~ (suchashismetalplated,segemented,thicktail,forOHboy!)

[He] May not be warm and fuzzy, but nonetheless looks oh-so-sexy!

<3 <3

I'd too, be rather keen, of french-kissing and messily-makeout, with the Steelyjaws,

for his murrin'-muzzle, would be *just a blast* to slither 'n' slide one's tongue at-about his elongated-maw~~~
... Too; to caress his carefully-canine features, it'd be just ace~ :#o

nnnghn x.x

<3 <3 <3

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Ket-Ralus: Well I'm glad you have a toy you have such elaborate feelings for. ;}

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lomby: oh, OH, but how-I-do indeed feel felt just-as-so!

... Aaannd for just a frisky f.y.i. I'll throw-it out-there, thaaat I most-recently brought and bought myself *a certain* chiseled, huffy-hunky husky SteelJaw'rrrz, in the T.F. "Titans" toy-line, of twelve-inch scaled and statured figures and figurines;


Too, do I feel felt like, that its own Hasbro description in-specific, sounds sliiight-"pornographic" in-proposal perversely, to my ponderous dirtily-demeanored and tempted-toying thinkings. =b

> [QUOTE] > "Gear up for big and tall Transformers ACTION with this 12-inch... Steeljaw! THIS mighty Steeljaw ~stands~ 12 inches tall, and he's got the power to pound... He's just the warrior for your BIGgest, WILDest Transformers fantasies!"

whereofitsortasoundslikeanadultadvertforarobo'dild'fromBadDragon!) yum x9

... Aaannd,
as not to give *too-much* away, now however,
buuut, suffice-to-say, my toy-Titan-sized hubby of Jaws o' Steel, be very... "fuckable" (frottable)~ <3 ;DDD

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Ket-Ralus: So I bought this figurine. =} I shoulda realized the size by the apple reference here >>11650, but this thing is bigger than I was expecting. The feet look so nice! And they're fun to touch. ;}

As for what's under the loincloth, unfortunately it's just another strip of loincloth covering things from the underside, but I wasn't expecting much different. One odd thing is that on my model, the raised foot has been coated with a glossy finish, whereas the foot that's on the ground is matte. I really dig the glossy look though~ Lemme know if you want any photos of this from different angles!