Alien & Goblin (v1/3)
Art by wooferlicke
!G 05 2015 Enchantica Goblin_King Hellbender alien best_grey frot goblin grey_alien wooferlicke_(artist)

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main image
Sketches [alt poses]: >>11626
FINAL vPSD [all layers!]:
FINAL v1/3 [clothed/cum]: (you are here!)
FINAL v2/3 [nude/sweaty]: >>11628
FINAL v3/3 [Ket's pick!]: >>11632

wooferlicke did an amazing commission for me of a couple sculpture hotties of the alien & goblin persuasion. Not only did he sketch up a page of several poses to choose from, but he did a super detailed coloring with multiple versions! I've provided a simplified PSD with layer comps to show some of the combinations you can choose from, including my personal fav. ;} The PSD is also higher resolution and lossless quality, so grab it!

Needless to say, I'm going to be hitting woofer up for more art as soon as he's available again. =D
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lomby: ... Upon discovering that dastardly [un]fortunate skeletal-slim 'n' skeleton in their beheld back-ground,
I hereby have this unsuppressed urge to yell out;

"DEATH by SNU-SNU!" --- Man, what a way to go!

... Does Ketty (you) know *what* led to the "poor" guy's FUCKed-fate - or was so, just an delighting detail Woof' put in fer kicks 'n' (IMPlied) kinks? :b

(i.e. what's that skel's story!?)

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Ket-Ralus: Hehe! A Futurama fan, I see. =} Well, your guess is as good as mine. My only instruction to woofer in regards to the background was literally: "maybe some space altar or something... portal between the goblins and the aliens?" So you can thank him for the additional creativity and mysteries. ;}

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lomby: *chuckles*
So is certainly appreciated - [for it] really gets the mind goin', you know~?

... Gettin' fucked to the drop of 'e dry bone 'n' death itself;
I can think *of worse ways* to leave this weary world. :b

*At-least* you'll then have a somewhat-smile on ye until the (inevitable) end. ;9

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Ket-Ralus: LOL, yes that's true. =D