Mickey Mouse Dinosaur Version
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lomby: ... So close - yet so far...

Now I kinda wanna own this figurine/statuette,
*just so* that I can see what hides-between-the-legs and/or behind that [loin]cloth. :9

I'm sure Mickey has a cute butt behind 'ere~~~ <3
... And the curves/curvatures around his tummy-to-groin/crotch area, are *just exceptional*, and the way the "bulge" [outwards]~

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Ket-Ralus: Yes, Mickey's quite cute here. I wish I knew what the name of this figure was, so I could hunt it down for purchase. If you find out, let me know (as will I in return). ;}

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lomby: ... Urg - I REALLY tried, to use venues proper (in search) such as Google, Amazon, and ebay,
*but* the overexposure of the character, makes it nigh-impossible to find a ONE, specific item. =m=;

... I tried my bestest for-a-while,
but I wish you better luck in "the hunt" Ket!

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Ket-Ralus: Well, thanks for the effort, lomby. =} I'm sure I'll make it known if I have new discoveries.

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Ket-Ralus: ...and a quick Google Image Search using this as the source revealed pretty much everything. =P


It's obtainable, but pricey!

Of course I also got some extra images too.

>>11600 (this image) -> replaced with a much larger version of the front view
>>11629 -> a larger version of the back view that was originally here in #11600
>>11630 -> a different view from the front showing additional detail to Mickey's feet
>>11631 -> a view directly from the other side that reveals even more~ =9

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lomby: *laughs*
You're a better man then I, Ket, therein this "craft" of the searching hunt!

I did the mistake of Googling for "Mickey Mouse Tribal" (figure or figurine notwithstanding),
but what I got mostly, was *that* gosh-darn creepypasta. xD

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Ket-Ralus: Yeah, them calling this "Dinosaur Version" seems a bit misleading. "Tribal" or "Caveman" ("Cavemouse"?) sounds more suitable. Anyway, it's good I found it. =P

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lomby: ... If you EVER claim this Mouse-ly beauty therein into your prided possession, lemme know/let US [all] know,

for I'd then loooveee that have a more, *ahem*, "up-close" inspection of its certain curves and found features...
(A perved peek around that loin's cloth would be wonders.) ;)

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Ket-Ralus: I wouldn't expect there to be anything super-noteworthy, but if I pick this up some day, I'll certainly share. ;}

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: Lovely~ <3

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Smudge_Proof: Wow, nice.

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Ket-Ralus: Yeah, I own this now!

And there's nothing underneath the loincloth but more fabric. =P

That foot tho~

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Smudge_Proof: @Ket-Ralus: I'm not adverse to featureless crotches :-D

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Ket-Ralus: I'm moving to a new house and already packed this away, but remind me in a week and I'll try to get a photo for you. ;} If you want, hit me up on Twitter or Discord so we can stay in touch. Info on my new front page here: https://ket-ralus.com/ (also have a Telegram, but will need to send info over private message or email)

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Smudge_Proof: Added Discord!

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Ket-Ralus: OK! Got those photos~ Talk to you there. =}