Lakitu & Filburt Sketches
Art by local-shop
!G 04 2015 @local-shop Filburt_Turtle Lakitu Mario_(series) Rocko's_Modern_Life WIP koopa turtle

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A commish from local-shop! =D
Sketches: (you are here!)
FINAL 1: >>11594
FINAL 2: >>11595
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lomby: The/That one sketch, wherein the Lakitu is friskily fucking Filburt's face, I find *amazingly* arousing~ >#>
I guess I just like 'n' love the thought of the little-er guy, getting some "pounding" action too!

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Kurt: I'm really finding a lot of love to the corner one where Lakitu is trusting his member down Filburts' mouth. It might just be I and my way to judging my liking, although I will say even the others are awesome sketches to.

Other then that, I do hope to see much more work where that comes~

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Ket-Ralus: Yeah I decided to post these sketches because Vee did a lot of great poses that didn't make the cut to have finalized. Glad you guys found some gold in here. =}