Brask & Gimel Goblin
Art by Redemption3445
!G 04 2015 @Redemption3445 Brask Braskling Gimel-I Gimel_Goblin goblin nerond


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A horny Brask finds a goblin willing to fool around with him. However, this goblin has an ulterior motive in mind. Brask's magic boots are sure to fetch a pretty penny on the black market. >=D

This is the last installment in a series of art commissions from Redemption3445 that was initiated last year. It's also the most intricate and long awaited commission, as I had planned out nearly every detail well in advance (some of you may recognize this from my "Art Ideas" page). As always, Red delivered a well-drawn, sexy piece. ;} Thanks for everything you've drawn for me, Red!!
Uploader Ket-Ralus,
Tags !G 04 2015 @Redemption3445 Brask Braskling Gimel-I Gimel_Goblin goblin nerond
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lomby: The teeny tint of faint-redness to the goblin's eyes, gives him a sorta-wicked feel, and, *indeed* as you said; someone, with ulterior motives~
... Slimy, sleazy, and scheming - but a sexy 'n' steamy fuck nonetheless! ;9

(Brask too, be grand; for his anus looks lovely, in its leaky lush~ <3)

... Wonderful attention-to-detail on Red's part/s,
and likewise so sung-praise to your own contribution/s of input, Ket. :)

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Ket-Ralus: Thanks very much, Lomby! Glad you can share in my enjoyment of this piece. ;}

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Kurt: I can tell that Brask highly enjoyed not only getting his shoes taken off, but even to his wonderful member massage. I don't often come around, so I feel that I need to start doing it a little more often.

I must admit, if it isn't the two love birds. Its to the scene where they're at. One of my most favorite places to have some fun would be in the forest. Why? Well it's where the wind blows in the most private location to come across in. Not only that, but you get to witness a whole load of green and nature everywhere. ^.^

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lomby: @Kurt: (^That's beautifully said-and-spoken, Kurt~^)

Also -
- yeah, you're welcome Ket; for it surely be splendid. ^^
A GREAT piece, to finish-off and round-out, such an GRAND collection, of uncensored perversions!

... What a way, to go out, WITH A *BANG* - hmmm? <3

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Ket-Ralus: Right on the nose, Kurt. =} And yes, lomby~ indeed!