The Troubadour EDIT (v2/2)
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!K 03 2015 @KetRalus Disney The_Three_Musketeers The_Troubadour edit

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VERSION 2 of 2
vPSD [all layers!]:
v1/2 [simply nude]: >>11574
v2/2 [full xxx]: (above)

I used to do edits of official art because I wanted to see porn of a character in a hurry, and I was too lazy to draw him from scratch. But my standards have risen since then, and I now prefer to go the extra mile for custom positioning and situations.

However, there is still some official art that screams, "I should be porn!" And this screen grab (>>11560) of the Troubadour in Disney's The Three Musketeers is like a wailing siren, right down to the slight bulge in his underpants. In fact, this pose gave me so many ideas, that I ended up not only with two PNG versions, but a permutation of options that can be achieved through the provided PSD! This can be opened in SAI or Photoshop to turn the following layers on and off: cum, erection, vibrator/tape, bondage gear, background, and more! Then you can save it out as a standard image file and have your very own custom smut. =}

Anyway, let me know if you have any crits or feedback. Some of the stuff didn't come out exactly how I hoped, but I feel this is a good stopping point... at least for now. ;} Hope you enjoy!
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- Reply
lomby: ... kinda kinkayh, Ket~ ;)

[The] Troubadour is either an very "unlucky" guy, to be caught in your kinkylicious bondage,

OR an *extremely* lucky one, to be tickled by your turtlerrific touch, and generous grasp. :'9

... It's all depends on your outlook in life. >:b

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Ket-Ralus: Judging by the size of that cumshot, I'd say he's pretty excited here. =P

- Reply
lomby: @Ket-Ralus: ... Yeah!
Perhaps you found an equally kinky (troubadouring) tortoise? ;3

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: I think I just rub off on him. Or rub him off. ;}

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lomby: Either of the two suggestion sounds good 'n' great to me~!
... I'd gladly watch "that show" too~ ;9

- Reply
lomby: ... Speaking of putting on a show, a showcase, etcetera -
I have something I wish to *show* (ahaha) you!

... Firstly however, I should probably ask;
if you're okay with either that of Homer Simpson and/or Peter Griffin?

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Yes, I am. What did you have to show me? =}

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus:

... My body is ready. - Is yours? <3 <3 <3

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: @lomby: OH, yes. I've seen that. ;} You know there's not really any good porn of these two. The best I found is this:
And, well, take a look at who posted it. ;P

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus:


I was hoping you'd say that~ <3

... I thought it as a whole was kinda hot and sexy, for sure, and I was hoping, you'd feel the same [way] about it~

Seems you did, though? - It means a lot to me, Ket~ (To have my perversions reciprocated.) <3

... Ass for some HomerxPeter pornyness, I too, am sad to say, that I too noticed its lack of so. I do agree, that with what you showed me, it's the closes so far, to any kind of "gay" porn between the two... *yet*?

If you're ever up for it, I've been giving it some thought, and I think *something* sexual between the two, -based around that car-wash scenario-, would be kinda... YUM. ;9

Perhaps they'd be spraying *else* then water 'n' foam onto each-other? >:d

... Of course, whenever you in-the-future, have commissions re-opened, *need I even say*, that I'd gladly pay for so and such? <3 ;)

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Heheh, sounds like a good idea. =}

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: Danke, Ket~ :)

And oh my gosh, thank you so, you beautifully turtlicious tortoise, for I too just noticed that you put up my RaymanxGlobox screen-cap's, for (future) safe-keeping!

... Great choice on your part, good sir - since *you never know*, how long those TinyPic URLs might last. :3

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Hehehe. =} You know me. Always stashing things in my shell!

- Reply
lomby: Eee-yup~ :D