The Troubadour EDIT (v1/2)
Art by Ket✦Ralus
!K 03 2015 @Ket-Ralus Disney The_Three_Musketeers The_Troubadour edit

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VERSION 1 of 2
vPSD [all layers!]:
v1/2 [simply nude]: (above)
v2/2 [full xxx]: >>11575

I used to do edits of official art because I wanted to see porn of a character in a hurry, and I was too lazy to draw him from scratch. But my standards have risen since then, and I now prefer to go the extra mile for custom positioning and situations.

However, there is still some official art that screams, "I should be porn!" And this screen grab (>>11560) of the Troubadour in Disney's The Three Musketeers is like a wailing siren, right down to the slight bulge in his underpants. In fact, this pose gave me so many ideas, that I ended up not only with two PNG versions, but a permutation of options that can be achieved through the provided PSD! This can be opened in SAI or Photoshop to turn the following layers on and off: cum, erection, vibrator/tape, bondage gear, background, and more! Then you can save it out as a standard image file and have your very own custom smut. =}

Anyway, let me know if you have any crits or feedback. Some of the stuff didn't come out exactly how I hoped, but I feel this is a good stopping point... at least for now. ;} Hope you enjoy!
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lomby: That's... Ah - I feel a bit, speechless!
I-I dunno what to say really!

He looks terrificly on-model, and as if, just plucked and picks, from the [film's] reels themselves. ;D

... If you ever feel to be in a kindly (kinky!) generous mood, would you consider perhaps doing an edit of a version, with his lovely-dovely underwear on, but with his turtle pecker pokin' out of its hidy-hole (/fly?)... ?

I'm not an "undie" kinda-fur, *but I do think* he looked r e a l good in them, and *sometimes*, furs and scalies with so and such garments upon themselves, can be *really* hot, as they'd bulge biggly and "peek" forth in prods. :3

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Ket-Ralus: Hi, lomby! I just added my proper description above, so you can read that for more info (it's the same on both versions).

You have a pretty good idea there about the open fly. ;} I actually have a small list of additions I could make if I ever want to revisit this edit, and I just added your idea to the list!

Glad you enjoy this and thanks for the great comments. =}

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: Thank you for so, Ket(!) - I am very happy, you liked my idea,

and likewise am I flattered, you saw so worth the time to actually at-one-point-or-another, adapt into reality. :D