The Troubadour & Hare, for Spelunker Sal (v1/3)
Art by Ket✦Ralus
!K 03 2015 @Ket-Ralus Disney Lakitu Lakitu's_Cloud Mario_(series) Max_Hare Mickey_Mouse The_Three_Musketeers The_Tortoise_and_the_Hare The_Troubadour koopa mouse rabbit

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VERSION 1 of 3
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v2/3: >>11566
v3/3: >>11567

This picture was drawn for Spelunker Sal, a good friend of mine. =} He has drawn things for me in the past, and it was time I did something in return.

I was over at his house when he and Dreamous watched Disney's The Three Musketeers. The film is narrated by an adorable turtle known as "The Troubadour", which Sal also enjoyed, so he asked me to try this guy. Sal, being a bunny, asked me to pair him up with the hare from Disney's The Tortoise and the Hare (i.e. Max Hare). I threw in Lakitu as the perverted cameraman when we joked about me adding Lakitu to every picture I draw (e.g. >>11374).

This picture has been in the works for a year now, but I had a good time working on it, and I'm glad it's done! =}
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