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!G 03 2015 Brask Loyal_(artist) nerond


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I got a special gift from a good friend of mine. =} Loyal (previously known as Captain Cerulean), took up the challenge of drawing my nerond arkmage, Brask!

Now, Loyal is a novice artist, so he asks that you forgive him for the hands. However, I will say that he is already excelling in the pudge department, since that chest and belly are looking tasty. =9

Thank you so much, Loyal! =D
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lomby: V e r y cute, and I don't mind the simplistic feel to it; it has its charm indeed, and what dedication CC put into it, shows and shines through. :)

I should add in say, and say that it is nice for a change, to see some more non-pornographic artistry on your site in specific!

I mean; I AM, a self-proclaimed pervert furvert, and I l o v e porn, just as much as the next guy or gal, (if not more!) - but *sometimes*, it's nice to sit back, and just enjoy something more SFW, you know~? <3

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Ket-Ralus: Yes, that's true. =} Of course, I could always make SFW edits of some of the art on my site, but the need has not yet arisen.

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lomby: What [of your] art, do you feel would benefit from such a (SFW) edit, Ket? :)

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Ket-Ralus: None that I can think of. I feel everything is better with a big dick on it. =P

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lomby: *laughs*
We two think in similar lines of thoughts indeed, Ket. :b

*Everything* 's better with a nicely neat, delicious dick to jerk(-off). :)