Ket & Clarence Frot, for CTH
Art by Ket✦Ralus
!K 02 2015 @KetRalus Clarence_T._Hare Ket tortavi


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This was drawn during my visit to CTH back in December '14. It was done in his colossal fetish book, under the Frotting/Frottage section. He's always drawing things for me for free, so it was only fair that I gave back. He wanted to see Ket and his character, Clarence, grinding poles. We also got some foot action in there too. =} Anyway, I finally finished cleaning up the scan (photo). My last sketch of 2014, and first posted in 2015. Woo!
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lomby: That be some sweet and sexy frot, Ket! (No, *not* foot!)
... I'd love to join you guys sometime in rubbin' penes~ ;D

You're a naughty one (in a-many ways!), mister Ralus,
but that's how/why we and I love you~

Also; shall I add in say, that Clarence looks r e a l good,
and I like your puffed cheeks too, Ket. (And by that, I actually meant your facial ones!)
They're very, ah, lovely rounded, and just chubbily pinchable~ <3
Just makes you wanna squeeze 'em, you kno'?

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Ket-Ralus: I'm all for the chubby roundness. ;} And as far as frot, I'm all for including you in on the fun if you have some sexy ideas. =D As always, thanks for commenting, lomby!

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ProjectD: I'd hope so!

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lomby: Well Ket;

If you're willing to see and imagine me as that pinkly cute li'l dinosaurus by the name of Boomer (who I am often seen scooting around with and/or as by a-many folks and furs(!)), then I am sure we can strike something up, now that "my" form, is more plumply fit for the screen and scene...


As for ideas;

... How about, you giving my big belly, 'n' softly scaled tummy a caring caress, whilst rubbing dino-dick and turtle-tool with me?

I wouldn't mind a nice session of frottage, and I do think Ket/you, would be cutely in so, whereas in which you give my belly a nicely touching, tugging feel, along with the pressing of our members mushed against one another...

... If things sounds good and willing so far, then go ahead and *Note* me on FurAffinity, and I can supply you with proper references of Boomer/"me", if you would like so? :)

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Ket-Ralus: ProjectD: You'd hope so to what? =P I'm not sure what you're replying to. In any case, thanks for checking out my work. =}

lomby: That sounds like a cute idea. =} I'll note it down for later, but I have some other art to complete first. You understand. Luckily, with my recent streaming sessions, I'm making a lot more progress!

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ProjectD: I think there might have been a form error with that comment.

Although I've been in and out of here, I'm happy to see something of yours come out of 2014!

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lomby: I do understand you well, Ket, so do not worry of so -

- and I do must say, I felt very flattered in my own happied self, that you approved my certain (cute) concept!

I did not know, if so would meet your standards, since I myself amn't as expertly experienced such as you are, in the usage of multiple characters within one piece of porn - so, that fact I gained your liking in such loving, well, it means *a whole lot* to me. :#)

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Ket-Ralus: ProjectD: Hehehe, tell me about it. ;P Here's to a more productive 2015!

lomby: D'awww. =} You're great company too. Anyway, I shall get back to you about this when the time comes.

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lomby: Danke schön, Ket~ <3